Minecraft Game

Minecraft is a Game App about building block and facing adventures. The App enables the player to build amazing things from the simple to complex ones like castles. The player can play this game in creative mode with an unlimited amount of sources, and also in the survival mode using weapons and armors to defend from the dangers faced. The game can be played alone or as a group with friends.


The player is the star of the Mine Craft game

This is a new adventure game set in the world of Mine craft. The player is the star of the game and his choices and actions decide the plan of story. Jesse is the name of the player and can choose the option to be a male or female. Jesse and his friends are thrown into an awe inspiring adventure to save the world. On visiting Ender con Jesse and friends come across some thing dreadful.

Mine craft is available for Desktop, IOS and Android devices

The player and his gang faces terror and the only option¬†for hope is to track down the “order of the stone” a fable group of adventurers who slew down the legendary Ender dragon. Jesse will travel across the world through all the places and goes beyond. Minecraft is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows 10, IOS, Android and Windows phone.

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