World of Warcraft (WOW)

World of  Warcraft (WOW) is a multiplayer online game released by Blizzard entertainment in the year 2004. This game comes as the fourth edition in the set of fantasy Warcraft universe. The first expansion set of the game was first released in the year 2007 as the Burning crusade. The next expansion sets were released periodically in the coming years, The sixth expansion set Legion is scheduled to be released in August 2016.


World of Warcraft has 12 million subscribers globally by 2015

World of  Warcraft is reputed and has many subscribers  globally. It is estimated that the game has 12 million subscribers by 2015. These figures make the World of Warcraft as the world most subscribe MMORPG by the subscribers. The game also holds a Guinness record for acquiring many subscribers. There has been an announcement about 100 million accounts created over games life time.

WOW is played by Children and Adults World wide

The World of  Warcraft had a positive response in its release. The concept of a rested bonus or the increasing rate at which players character gains experience was also welcomed as a way for players to quickly catch up with friends in progression. The game is supposed to be interesting and is played by kids and adults.

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