Virtual DJ for PC

Virtual DJ is a software developed by the Atomic productions Inc. The software is also known as VDJ. The software is used for Audio and Video mixing used by DJs and Mobile users. The software is easily run of PC or Mac enabling the club DJs in video or Audio mixing without the need of an external controller. VDJ was first released in the year 2000 in five different versions.maxresdefault

VDJ is popular across the world

Since the release of VDJ it was appreciated and liked my many people across the world. The software has also won several awards after its release. VDJ supports upto 99 decks, 4 deck and 6 deck skins are also included in the VDJ versions. VDJ offers video, audio mixing and scratching. Vinyl emulation allows the DJ to physically manupulate the playback of digital audio files on a computer using the turntables as an interface.

Virtual DJ 8 the latest version

Virtual DJ 8 is the latest version and it mostly retains the look and feel of the previous version. Virtual DJ 8 is a full rewrite version of the previous version which has already proved to be the best performer. VDJ 8 has some added new features. The 32 bit sound engine is a high resolution user interface and numerous editing and live features. VDJ 8 has a improved browser section which is separated into three catogeries folders, file zone and side zones which can be shuffled.

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