Shadow Kings Game

Shadow Kings is a game app developed by Good game studios and its released for Android and IOS.   The game enable the user to experience a new dimension of gaming fun in the gripping free to play game. The game is funfilled and opens acess to the exciting world of the Shodow Kings. The player has to join forces like the noisy dwarfs and the proud elves and defeat the evil force.

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Shadow Kings is reputed world wide

Good game studios have released succesfully a series of MMO’S. Shadow Kings is the newest MMO from GGS. The app is a real status game in which players dwelve into a world with trolls goblins and orchs. Players should succeed in building their own kingdom in the fantasy world and prepare the war against the opposing evil forces.

Shadow Kings game is rated 8.7/10

The dwarfs and elves give a helping hand in destroying the evil forces. The action packed funfilled game can be played for free online. The game has been played serveral million times world wide and is been rated 8.7 out of 10. The game is said to be addictive. Download the game app on Google play store and its available absolutely free.


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