Hulu App

Hulu is an Application enabling instant streaming of live TV channels or programmes, favourite movies, music and sports. The user has an access to Hulu’s full library content anywhere and anytime in the PCs, laptops, Android phones. The subsription is absolutely free and easy to download. Hulu updated verison for the Androids and tablet phones has been released recently.


Hulu for desktop

Hulu desktop vesion has a simple interface. Even the beginners feel it easy to browse and watch programmes on hulu. On start up Hulu desktop shows either a movie or a telivision programme. The programme will load any information which is saved on line. This is a benefit for the people who are web base Hulu users. The app also has a multitude of  category search options. Hulu desktop can be accessed only when it is connected to the internet.

Features of  the Hulu App

  • Watch favourite TV programmes and movies
  • Enjoy Kids programmes Add free
  • Full scree view
  • Enables to pin your favourite programmes for instant access
  • Available for TV and other devices also
  • No commercial playback capability
  • Provides recommendations based on the users pick
  • Add show to the list for later  viewing
  • Rates episodes and shows









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