IMO for Android and iPhone

IMO is an app which enables communication easier between users.  Its easy to make text messaging, video and voice chats faster and clear.  IMO is a Simple and fun way to message and video chat. The app is used for connecting between freinds and family members where ever they are located. The user also can upload the pictures and share throug IMO to another user any where in the world. IMO is free for Android, iPhone and iPad.


More than 150 million user for IMO

The later version of IMO is simplified and easier to use. Some feautres included to make video chatting resonate deeply. Most of the users liked the changes brought in IMO. There are more than 150 million IMO users registered around the world. The figure grew rapidly from 5 million to 150 million within a short span. The team behind IMO is constantly working to improve its features and give the users a better experience.

Buddy list feature for IMO

IMO for instant messaging is a solution for connecting friends from different social networks. The free app sets up easily and is accessable through all social networks. Video calling has become very important these days in connecting family members located in different parts of the world by sharing their feelings. Buddy list in the IMO is the best feature where the user can arrange friends under different labels such as school, workplace, family and others. The latest version of Blue stalks is needed to download the app on your device.

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