Methods to Speed up PC

If PCs are responding slowly than usual there might be something unwanted utilising up the resources. If the PC is running slower all of a sudden, another runway process must be activated in the PC which uses almost 90% of the resources. It is essential to give the PC a reeboot in case it hangs or does’nt work normally. There can be certain problems which can be manually troubleshooted and rectified.


Some methods to Speed up PC

Check the Hard disk space

In order to boost the speed of the PC, it is essential to maintain a free space of 15%. If the Hard disc is full then delete the unwanted files and programmes to maintain a free space in the hard disc.

Prevent Unwanted programmes from starting 

When the computer gets started up, there might be unwanted programmes running which can slow down the PC. Alter the system configuration with the help of Ms config.

Update and Install Antivirus

Install Antivirus programme or Anti malware to save the PC from malware threats. It is very important to update the Antivirus as it can slow down the system.

Run Disk Clean up

The step of cleaning disk can clean upto large data which is store in the PC.

Restart the PC

Try to restart the PC if its running for a longer period of time. This step also can increase the speed of PC.


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