Shareit App for the PC

Shareit is a free file sharing App which can work across multiple operating systems. Shareit is the best App for all the file sharing needs. The App enables the users to share Photos, video, music, files, documents all between any operating systems. File sharing can be accessable from a phone to phone, phone to Pc,  Pc to phone, Pc to tablet. Share it gives the user an ability to share files any time and any where.


Features of Shareit App

Phone to PC

Pair the mobile device to the Pc to start transfering files with a QR Code provided by PC Share it. There is no limitation to the size of  file or folder to be transferred. This sharing is done with in no matter of time. There is no usage of Wifi or cables or mobile data chargers.

Phone to Phone

Select the file needed to send and press the send button. The transfer of files from phone to phone is done quickly. Photos, videos, Music with family and friends can be sent instantly.

PC to PC

The Share it App is very useful to file tranfers from a PC to another. Select the person to whom the files should be shared and start transfering content back and forth between devices.

Additional Features include

  • Back up photos from phone to the PC
  • Power Point Control
  • Remote view
  • Play to

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