Game of War- Game App

Game of War, Fire age was released in the year 2013 for freemium Mobile. The Video game is developed and published by Machine zone. The game had a high profile advertizing campaign and was one among the top grossing apps. The game is easy to play by destroying the enemies using the mouse and keyboard. In the year 2015 the game was among the top 10 downloaded games.


Game of War was compared to the Clash of Clans

The game comprises Players vs Player battles, Player vs Environment modes, and citing building quests through mechanics likened to the age of empires and the earliest games from the warcraft series. In the game farming resources is required to create buildings produce troops and research advancements. The game play supports selection of an action and then waiting an amount of time for the completion of the task by making a payment. The game was compared to the clash of the clans because both games use micro transactions. The game app has also gained criticizum for the users interface’s aggressive style in seeking payments. Game of War is criticized as  the top cash grab. There is a lot of action, there is a lot of space, the game aims to raise the armies and targeting the enemies.

The features of the Game

  • Its Free
  • Play and chat with millions of people online world wide
  • Train armies to lead into action packed battles
  • Attack and conquer till you become the emperor
  • Complete key mapping allows you to play comfortably right on the Pc.

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