IMO for PC

IMO is a popular online instant messaging tool which enables a user to sign on to the main IM networks and chat with their friends and relatives right from the web browser. If the user prefers the desktop for communication, the desktop IMO can be used as well. The integrated special version comes from just an adaption from the original online  IMO to standard windows application. IMO chatting is popular now a days.


To be frank, IMO is quite limited compared to other popular IM clients. It has a plain interface, it does not possess emoticons and no customising options for fonts, colors or other settings as we find in other similar applications. But with IMO video chatting is made easy with clear picture quality and good quality sound. The user can connect to most popular IM networks like MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, and AIM from one single interface and talk to any of your friends. whether they belong to one or any other network.

The Pros of Imo are

  • All the contacts on a single interface
  • Support for webcam

The Cons of Imo are

  •  Plain interface and plain features
  •  No customization options

With the Imo instant messanger, it is easy to be in touch with friends on their existing IM accounts on Facebook Messanger, Google Talk, Skype, Windows live messanger, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo messanger, Jabber and Myspace. IMO messanger is absolutely free. There is no need of Internet access, over wifi or a data plan. It works well on 3G and Edge also.


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