Candy Crush Saga for PC

Candy Crush Saga is a game app and is popular world wide. The game was created in the year 2012 for the facebook. The game app gained many users. The founder of the game app King, taking into account the games popularity launched it for the smartphones in the same year. Candy crush saga was also introduced for the Android and IOS based smartphones. It is estimated that an average of 45.6 million monthly users play the game.


The game play

Candy Crush Saga is based on the popular match three of the same kind principal similar to bejeweled. The advancement of the game is that every level has a different shape for the game board. In the game board certain levels reach to maximum of 9 rows/9 columns. There are candies in each level and  some levels even contain obstacles to make the game interesting. The user is given a preset number of moves and the goal is supposed to be achieved before you run out of the moves.

The tutorial to download the game on PC

  • Download an advanced android simulator like Bluestalks.
  • After the downloading install it and run it on the PC.
  • In the Bluestalks home screen, clik on the search and type for “Candy crush saga free”.
  • It displays the app stores containing the game app.
  • Select a store and click on install.
  • The downloading starts and eventually the installation will begin immediately.
  • once the installing is complete a message is displayed.
  • go to the home screen and click on the game app and start playing.

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